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MARCH 30-APRIL 2, 2023


The BURG Classic is a recreation hockey tournament with three divisions and 20 teams in total. Check out the rules below and come into the rink Sunday afternoon as we hand out a number of tournament awards:

1. Player of the Game Awards

2. Fair Team of the Tournament Award

3. Forward of the Tournament Award

4. Defenseman of the Tournament Award

5. Goaltender of the Tournament Award

6. Fair Player of the Tournament Award

7. The BURG Classic Cup

8. Event Dedication Award

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1. 3 divisions, 20 teams total

2. Preliminary round is round-robin

3. Semifinal will be between:

     a. A Division: No playoffs. The top two teams will compete in the championship.

     b. B & C Divisions: A cross-over match between top two teams in each bracket

4. Standings are determined by total point: Win = 2, Tie = 1, Loss = 0. Should there be a tie at the end of the round-robin the following will take place:

     a. Wins

     b. Head to head (should there be a 3-way tie proceed to (c))

     c. Plus/minus

     d. Least goals against

     e. Least penalty minutes

5. Semifinal overtime rules:

     a. 5-minute stop time 4 on 4 sudden victory overtime

     b. 5-player shootout

     c. Continue 1 for 1 until winner

6. Championship overtime rules:

     a. 15-minute straight time 4 on 4 sudden death victory.

     b. Change ends at the end of each extra period.

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